Frequently asked questions

What are these straws made of?

These straws are naturally grown plant based stems that are industrially standardised at variable sizes. They are sterilised by a proprietary concoction during production. The straws are then UV treated before packaging.

Are these straws biodegradable?

100% Biodegradable.

Are these straws reusable?

We do not recommend reusing them. However these straws can be used as many times as possible at a given occasion by an individual. As the taste is neutralised it can be used in both hot and cold beverages.

Are the grite pens biodegradable?

Yes the outer pen shafts and the caps are 100% biodegradable and the metal refill caps and the metal refills are 100% recyclable. We recomend you dispose the tip and refills separately in a recycling bin before disposing the shafts and caps.

Are the toothbrushes biodegradable

The wooden handle is 100% biodegradable. While disposing the brushes we recommend that you cut the nylon bristles and dispose separately into recyclable trash bins.